Carolina Hoppin’ Johns


Hoppin Johns.jpg

Hoppin’ Johns is a staple in the South. But do you know the story of how this delicious meal or side dish came to be?

Hoppin’ Johns is a dish that dates back to the 1840’s and is a mixture of peas, pork and rice. It originated in the Low Country of South Carolina where plantation owners searched long and hard for a crop that would flourish in the hot, muggy weather. There are two theories around how this dish got it’s actual name, each as you can imagine makes a great story.

The first theory is that an old hobbled man became known for selling the staples to this dish, peas and rice, on the streets of Charleston. He went by the name of “Hoppin John”

The second story is that children hopped around the table in anticipation of the delicious dish when it was being served.

This southern dish is also associated with New Year’s and good luck, and is typically eaten to bring in luck for the new year. Some folks even place a penny underneath the dish in hopes of increasing their chance of luck.

Need some luck in your life? Come try our version of Carolina Hoppin’ Johns at JP Charlotte. Chef Josh Kitchens has spun this traditional dish into his own version with Carolina gold rice, black eyed peas, sweet baby peppers and smoked ham hock.

Happy Eating!


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