Westin Famous Smoked Pork Mac & Cheese


Back in 2012, The Westin Charlotte’s Ember Grille (now JP Charlotte) won Taste of Charlotte’s best food with our Smoked Pulled Pork and Chipotle Cheddar Mac and Cheese. It became a staple locals raved about. As Ember Grille evolved into JP Charlotte, this delicious item left the menu for a few years while we tried a different approach to our menu. With the farm to table revamp of our restaurant in October we’ve decided to bring it back to our menus.

The secret to why this dish is so amazing? Well we can’t tell you. What we can tell you is that our dish includes Joyce Farms famous Gloucester Old Spot Hog which at one point was almost non-existent. We’ve enhanced the dish using aged White Cheddar and of course high quality sustainable source of pork in which we smoke right here on the JP Charlotte Patio.

Chef Josh encourages you to come try this title holding, crowd winner in our restaurant.

You can also sample our Mac & Cheese this weekend November 10th at the CLT S’Mac Down Mac and Cheese competition located in the Whitehall Coporate Center from 2-6PM. Chef Josh will be cooking up this delicious recipe in hopes of winning another title.

Happy Eating!


**Update** 11/13/18 – We are proud to announce that we took home the 1st place trophy for best Mac and Cheese at CLT’s S’MAC Down Competition. We are so proud to know our dish is one of the best in the city. Congrats to Chef Josh Kitchens on taking home the trophy!



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