Everyone’s Favorite New Year’s Resolution: Eating Better & Exercising More



As we are approaching 2019, it’s time for everyone to begin deciding what their New Year’s Resolution is that they will be tackling in the upcoming year.

Once the champagne ends and the ball drops, our excitement about a “New Year, New Me” will stick with us for at least the first couple of weeks or months. As we celebrate into the New Year, we will feel empowered to make some big changes in our life.

Maybe this year you decide to drink less, save more money, travel more. One resolution we know will be on every ones mind will be eating healthier, exercising more and trying to get their health under control.

If this is your New Year resolution, like so many others, we support you!

JP Charlotte can help you stick to this goal with our new farm to table concept. Here at JP Charlotte we believe in the term “you are what you eat.” By crafting our menu to offer the healthiest options, we’ve set ourselves apart from the typical hotel restaurants. We ensure that our purveyors and farms aren’t using antibiotics, force feeding tactics, or any other enhancement methods to produce product. As a result of this process, we can guarantee that you aren’t consuming any toxicities or other substances that could be harmful to the body. Studies also relate organic and all natural livestock dieting to healthier human well being by reducing the amount of sodium ions, fat and preservatives.

Our menu offers many delicious and healthy options that can help you fuel the fire to your News Year’s resolution. Don’t skip a night out to eat with your boo or your friends just because you’re trying to eat better. We’ve got you covered and are here to support you getting on track to a healthier lifestyle.

Happy 2019 from all of us at JP Charlotte & Happy Eating!!

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