Aside from our delicious selection of food, what makes us JP Charlotte is the people that work here. They’re the heartbeat of our restaurant and the reason we are able to provide our guests with a memorable experience. With that being said, we want to highlight our amazing staff and share their stories with you, our neighbors.


I had the pleasure of sitting with Renita, a hostess at JP Charlotte, to learn a little bit about her and how she ended up as a part of our family. I met with Renita at JP Charlotte, and as we walked across the brightly-lit Westin lobby to SoCo Lounge, I was immediately enthused by her gleaming smile and kind spirit. Renita has been with the company for three years and enjoys her job and the people she works with! She came to work here after becoming fast friends with a JP Charlotte manager at a happy hour she attended with her husband. Renita is from Williamsburg, Virginia and moved around a lot because her husband, Alton, is in the Army. Renita’s passion is reading and her favorite book is “Conversations with God” by Neale Walsch. Although, the passion on her nametag is “reading”, Renita also loves wine, especially Moscato and Riesling. Her favorite dish is the Steel-Cut Oatmeal from our breakfast menu. Come by JP Charlotte to meet Renita and check out our new menu items!


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